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About Us

About Us

   Under the leadership of our esteemed masters, who has been serving since the 80s; By blending art with today's technology, we offer quality and fast service to our valued customers. With a transparent and innovative approach, we try to serve with an understanding that prioritizes customer satisfaction. Our company, which leads the sector in the country and abroad with the original designs we have realized, today delivers a large part of its production to our valuable customers in many countries.


HandmadeGrips© is a manufacturer and seller of grips in various materials.

Absolutely no firearms etc. on our site or other sales channels. It does not sell or market its products.


HandmadeGrips Ahsap Üretim San. Trade Ltd. Sti. 

"HandmadeGrips" Customized Gun Grips
Personalized designs can be applied to most of our models. Contact us to become our dealer (Discounts up to 50%)